Nov 20-22, 2014Warner Theatre
Washington D.C.

Nov 20-22, 2014 • Warner Theatre Washington D.C.

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Thursday, Nov 20

  • 8am Registration & Coffee
  • 8:45am Welcome & Announcements
  • 9am Unlocking data-driven systems (experience track) – Paul deGrandis
  • 9:50am Om nom nom nom (library track) – Anna Pawlicka
  • 10:30am Break
  • 11am Cursive: a different type of IDE (tools track) – Colin Fleming
  • 11:50am Generating Generators (library track) –  Steve Miner
  • 12:30pm Lunch (on your own)
  • 2:10pm JVM Creature Comforts (ideas track) –  Ghadi Shayban
  • 3pm The evolution of the Emacs tooling for Clojure (tools track) – Bozhidar Batsov
  • 3:40pm Break (provided)
  • 4:10pm Developing Music Systems on the JVM with Pink and Score (fun track) –  Steven Yi
  • 5pm Inside Transducers (Keynote - library track) –  Rich Hickey
  • 7:00pm Unsessions (DC Marriott NOT the conference hotel)

Friday, Nov 21

  • 8am Registration & Coffee
  • 8:45am Welcome & Announcements
  • 9am Helping voters with Pedestal, Datomic, Om and core.async (experience track) –  Nathan Herzing & Chris Shea
  • 9:50am Persistent Data Structures for Special Occasions (library track) –  Michał Marczyk
  • 10:30am Break
  • 11am Applying the paradigms of core.async in ClojureScript (library track) –  Julian Gamble
  • 11:50am Variants are Not Unions (ideas track) – Jeanine Adkisson
  • 12:30pm Lunch (on your own)
  • 2:10pm Exploring four hidden superpowers of Datomic (library track) – Lucas Cavalcanti & Edward Wible
  • 3pm Lightning talks
  • 3:40pm Break (provided)
  • 4:10pm Making Games at Runtime with Clojure (fun track) – Zach Oakes
  • 5pm Cló: The Algorithms of TeX in Clojure (ideas track) – Glenn Vanderburg
  • 8pm Party (Located at the Crime Museum)

Saturday, Nov 22

  • 8am Registration & Coffee
  • 8:45am Welcome & Announcements
  • 9am Always Be Composing (ideas track) – Zach Tellman
  • 9:50am Building a Data Pipeline with Clojure and Kafka (experience track) – David Pick
  • 10:40am Generative Integration Tests (library track) Ashton Kemerling
  • 11:30am Stewardship: the Sobering Parts (Keynote) – Brian Goetz
  • 1pm Conference Ends

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